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Diet Tracking Tool

We harnessed the power of AI to create a tool that allows accurate diet tracking in an easy and enjoyable manner.


Software Integration

Piccabi is a self-contained middleware component that can be easily integrated with existing apps or other software tools.


Data Analysis

Our datasets provide high-quality data about food consumption for commercial market analysis and scientific research.

Feel free to reach out to us for further information or API access.


How Piccabi works

We leveraged state of the art AI and computer vision technologies to implement an automatic food recognition and portion estimation service.


Piccabi for business

Whether it is an additional functionality for your app or an extensive dataset for your analyses, we can provide you with the tools to bring your health and food company to the next level.


Our vision and our mission

Piccabi is making the world a little less difficult for those people who wish to have a better quality of life. One way to accomplish this “better life” can be taking better care of your diet; the food you eat.

There are also people around the world who have underlying health issues and they need to be careful of the food they eat as well. They have certain foods they should refrain from ingesting and they have to be so diligent with everything they eat including consulting packaging, Googling the food for its contents, asking waiters about the food etc.

Piccabi will make it easier for so many around the world to understand food and, most importantly, automate the understanding of the portion size using only the camera on your phone and their thumbs. Piccabi, a tool that, no matter what you are eating, allows you to snap a picture of your food and straight away know the quantity of the food and its micro-nutrients in the dish…. This is Piccabi’s mission.

To improve people's health in one click.

“Our mission is to develop new technologies to assist those with the need and desire to live a better life. In addition, our tools will help to collect much-needed data for organisations to improve the quality of the foods that are placed onto the market. We are Piccabi!”


  • We take responsibility for what we do and we are reliable.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our work.
  • We aim for the highest standards.

  • We maintain the highest standard of professional and ethical behaviour.
  • We value honesty and transparency in our internal and external communication, relationships and actions.

  • We look for solutions that can make our lives and those of our customers easier and more fun.
  • We are not afraid of trying new solutions.
  • We are continuously making our products or processes more compelling and attractive to use.

  • We are inclusive.
  • We care about our health, both physical and mental, that of our fellow colleagues and of our customers.
  • In everything we do we look for opportunities to make the world healthier.

Piccabi in a nutshell


Piccabi is made up of scientists, technologists and general all-round good people. We see a world where the balance of technology and healthy living is tipped in humanity’s favour.


We have developed complex algorithms to understand food portioning with the use of a photo and your thumb or another object that can be used as reference, such as a spoon.


We have developed this for people’s health benefit, especially for those with underlying dietary-related conditions who must be notified of foods with ingredients that could harm their health.


Along with this, you are contributing to how companies will develop foods… Do you want more healthy and appropriate foods on the market by the brands you love?

About The Team

Meet our team of specialized scientists, business and software developers and general all-round good people who will help you start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.


Giulia Vilone

Chief Science Officer and CEO

PhD in Artificial Intelligence graduate in 2022 with a Masters in Applied Mathematics and 10+ years experience in complex data modelling: Giulia has worked in the exposure science world liaising with large multinational product manufacturing companies and industry associations. Giulia’s passion for applied sciences, scientific research and her natural drive to be as healthy as she can lead her into imagining the world with Piccabi in it.


Christopher Hayden

Chief Commercial Officer

A Physics and Chemistry alumnus from Maynooth University, Ireland and holds a Diploma in Psychology: Chris has worked for some of the worlds largest tech companies, along with the top Irish leading data science company and many startups to help them achieve success. Chris has a passion for growing businesses, problem-solving for clients and encouraging a healthy world using innovative technology.


Silvia Re

Chief Operating Officer

A Politecnico di Milano and Ecole Centrale de Lyon alumnus holding a double MSc in Engineering and Applied Mathematics. Silvia has 12+ experience in complex systems engineering both in the private and public sectors in the EU and in the UK. Silvia is an avid learner, a strong advocate of growth mindset, an inclusive leader and she actively seeks to make a positive difference in people’s lives.


Roberto Pisati

Chief Technology Officer

Professional Software Developer and self-confessed “Lifelong Geek” who spent his entire career creating software solutions to solve business problems of any kind, size and shape. Passionate learner, always curious and looking for some new areas to explore, in the last couple of years Roberto has nourished a strong interest in the startup world and e-commerce brands.

Contact Information

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  • Dublin, Ireland
  • info@piccabi.com
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