"PICCABI" ("PICCABI", "we", "us", "our") is committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of, as well as in providing a safe and secure environment for its customers. The purpose of this privacy policy (the "policy") is to help you understand the kinds of information we may gather about you when you visit the sites or use any of our services, how we may use that information, in which manner we will disclose it, and how you can correct and/or update the information. Please note that by using the services, or visiting the sites (collectively "the service"), and the mobile and online applications, computer programs hosted by PICCABI or on behalf of PICCABI (collectively "PICCABI products"), you signify your agreement with this policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this policy, please do not use the products, services or refrain from visiting the sites. Please note that the Policy applies only to PICCABI's Products, Services and Sites, but not to other websites to which we may link, or to advertisers on the Sites. Additionally, your use of the Service and/or the Sites is governed by the Terms of Use, as well as by any other published rules pertaining to either a particular Site or Service.

Definition of Personal Data

PICCABI may be required, as part of its business, to collect personal information. This includes names, email addresses and users' biometric information, specifically thumb length and bodyweight. Personal data is collected to enable PICCABI to identify its users and improve the quality of its services. Finally, due to these data, PICCABI keeps statistics of the services offered for the purpose of market research, project planning, assisting with troubleshooting user encountered problems, preventing errors, fraud and other criminal activity.

PICCABI does not collect, use, and does not disclose certain sensitive personal information, particularly related to the origin, religious, and political affiliations of its users.

Collection and use of personal data

The collected personal data can be stored and processed in any country in which PICCABI or their affiliates, subsidiaries, or agents operate. By using the Service, the user accepts the transfer of data outside of his or her country.

PICCABI collects personal data to:

  1. Provide users with the Service.
  2. Inform users of other products or services.
  3. Conduct public opinion surveys through questionnaires on current and future services.
  4. Sending information regarding updates on PICCABI Products and Services.
  5. Sending any administrative communications relevant to your use of the PICCABI Products and Service.
  6. Providing you with advice and assistance relating to your use of the Service.
  7. Having information for the purpose of project planning and market research, assist with problems encountered in using the Service, and be able to protect against error, fraud or other criminal activity.
  8. Enforcing the PICCABI Terms of Use

Disclosure to third parties

Disclosure of aggregate data

Use of Aggregated Non-personally Identifiable User Data that are collected from PICCABI devices in an aggregate manner may be disclosed by PICCABI to key third party organizations. Data such as aggregated eating data, weight, gender, height, weight, and others without any identifiable information (as username, email address and others) may be disclosed to:

  1. Marketing, advertising companies or parties, for marketing and promotional purposes.
  2. PICCABI approved organization conducting consumer research.
  3. PICCABI approved organization conducting scientific research.
  4. Other Users of the Service, for the purpose of providing data for comparison of their personal gathered health and wellness information to a wider community.

Use of services from third party companies

PICCABI is not currently receiving services from third party companies. In case this will change in the future, we may share your personal information with these companies for services such as delivery of product, information and order processing, customer data management and the like. The companies that PICCABI might share your personal information with will be obligated to protect your information and may be located wherever PICCABI does business.

In the event that PICCABI work with select companies to provide you with services, we may also make certain personal information available to them. For instance, if you choose to sync our products with other third party application, we will share your personal information with that application. In this case, your information will continue to be bound by the third party's privacy policy and your PICCABI User Account will continue to be subject to this Privacy Policy.

If we determine that disclosure of information about you is within reason and necessary to enforce our conditions, protect our operations or users, we may disclose information about you. We may also disclose information about you if we are required to do so by law, regulation, subpoena or other legal process.

In the event of company reorganization, sale or mergers, we may transfer any and all the personal information we gathered to the relevant third party.

Security of personal information

PICCABI is committed to protecting the security of the personal information provided by their users. Access is limited, and the protection is afforded by the best technology and security procedures. If you connect to the Services using a Third-Party Application, PICCABI will collect and use your personal information from such Third Party Applications such as health data that you choose to synchronise with PICCABI’s Services. PICCABI does not use Third Party Application data for marketing purposes, and does not share these data with any other Third-Party Applications.

Cookies and web beacons

PICCABI uses cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies, including from third-party partners such as Google and Facebook, for measurement services, better targeting advertisements, and for marketing purposes. This takes place from the Sites. PICCABI mainly use cookies to analyze user activity in order to improve the Sites. We can use such analysis to gain insights about how to improve the functionality and user experience of the Sites. We may also share information about your behavior on the Sites with third parties (including operators of third-party websites and/or social networking sites) in order to show you targeted advertisements and other content that has been customized for you.

Rights to modify and delete personal data

The user has the right to access personal data and to request changes and other possible modifications. The user has also the right to delete all personal data, at any time upon request by email at info@piccabi.com

Users of PICCABI Products and Services are responsible for maintaining the security of their access information (login ID and password). In the case that you suspect that your access information has been compromised you must immediately change your password and contact support at info@piccabi.com.

PICCABI is not responsible for any unauthorized access of someone else to your account through information that was obtained from you or through the violation of PICCABI Terms of Use or of this Policy.

Questions and concerns

PICCABI encourages everyone to submit questions, suggestions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy. If you think PICCABI is not meeting their commitments, please contact us by email at: info@piccabi.com

This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically. Latest update appears at the bottom of this page. Changes take effect immediately upon posting.

This policy was last updated on August 31, 2020.

Consent Of Using Piccabi Landing Page

By using any of the Services, or submitting or collecting any Personal Information via the Services, you consent to the collection, transfer, storage disclosure, and use of your Personal Information in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy. If you do not consent to the use of your Personal Information in these ways, please stop using the Services.